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Pokémon TCG: VSTAR Universe Booster Box


Only 1 left in stock

Introducing the Powerhouse Expansion: VSTAR UNIVERSE S12a for Japanese Pokémon TCG!

1x Brand New Sealed Booster Box from the Japanese VSTAR Universe expansion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Each box contains 10 packs. Each pack contains 11 cards. *Cards are in Japanese*

Immerse yourself in the thrilling VSTAR UNIVERSE S12a collection, the ultimate set of Japanese Pokémon cards. This highly anticipated expansion introduces an array of powerful VSTAR Pokémon to enhance your battles and collecting experience. With stunning artwork and strategic gameplay, VSTAR UNIVERSE S12a takes you on an extraordinary journey through the Pokémon universe.

Key Features of VSTAR UNIVERSE S12a:

  1. Exciting VSTAR Pokémon: Discover an impressive lineup of VSTAR Pokémon, each possessing unique abilities and awe-inspiring designs. From fierce fighters to legendary guardians, the VSTAR Pokémon in this collection will elevate your gameplay to unprecedented heights.
  2. Brilliant Artwork: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Japanese Pokémon with the exquisite artwork featured in VSTAR UNIVERSE S12a. Each card is a masterpiece, meticulously designed to showcase the vibrant personalities and captivating stories of the Pokémon they represent.
  3. Strategic Gameplay: Unleash the power of VSTAR Pokémon in thrilling battles. Strategically assemble your deck to harness the strengths and synergies of these incredible creatures. With an extensive selection of cards available, you can craft a winning strategy tailored to your play style.
  4. Expansion Boosters: Expand your collection with booster packs from VSTAR UNIVERSE S12a. Each booster pack contains a variety of cards, including powerful Pokémon, supportive trainers, and special energy cards. Open them to unlock new possibilities and strengthen your deck.
  5. Collectible Rarity: Engage in the excitement of collecting rare and valuable cards. VSTAR UNIVERSE S12a offers a range of collectible rarities, including holographic, full-art, and secret rare cards. Uncover these highly sought-after treasures to enhance your collection and showcase your Pokémon mastery.

Please note that VSTAR UNIVERSE S12a is an official Japanese Pokémon TCG product, featuring authentic cards and artwork.

Join the epic adventure of VSTAR UNIVERSE S12a and experience the next level of Japanese Pokémon TCG! Expand your collection, conquer your opponents, and become a true Pokémon champion. Order now and embark on a journey like no other.


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