A couple of Pokémon collectors from Manchester. Recently turned trio. We absolutely love the thrill of opening packs, hoping to finally pull THE chase card. We loved it so much we decided to share the excitement with fellow Pokémon fanatics, and what a great decision that was.

From regularly streaming live box breaks and online bidding snipes, it’s a hobby that never fails to keep you occupied and excited. We have taken this hobby to the next level by bringing you the Pokémon products that you need! We appreciate the support that you have all given us; it’s definitely the community that makes all of this possible.


Ceo / Founder

Favourite Pokemon: Jolteon Favourite Set: Neo Genesis

CEO / founder

Favourite Pokemon: Mew Favourite Set: Shining Legends

ceo / founder

Favourite Pokemon: Snorlax Favourite Set: Chilling Reign, obvs