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POKÉMON Sword & Shield (Base) Booster Box


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A sealed Booster Box of Sword & Shield (Base) which contains 36 Booster Packs of Sword & Shield (Base). Each pack containing 10 cards and a code card for the Pokemon TCG Online.

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1 review for POKÉMON Sword & Shield (Base) Booster Box

  1. Kin Sang Ho

    Kin Sang Ho (verified owner)

    First time buying from Pokenation so was cautious about buying because I have never seen this seller before.
    However, I went for it and brought a base set sword and shield box, and honestly, it couldn’t have been much easier. They answered all my questions without any hesitation and were quick to respond to me. The only thing i would say that could be improved would be the delivery time. (Pick at Straws) Otherwise, it was an easy and smooth experience. Would come again and without hesitation 🙂

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